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Our Contract line provides a wide selection of fabric collections that meet the specifications for the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, assisted living, retirement homes and more.

For those handling large-scale projects, having the right fabric at the right place at the right time is crucial. Our quick shipping and logistics mean that samples get into your hands quickly, supporting the efficient and seamless execution of your project.

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Eric Henschel FH GroupAlberta(416) 900-3309
Tom FreemanFH GroupBritish Columbia(416) 900-3309
Jeannette GrudeJF FabricsNew Brunswick(902) 233-5908
Jeannette GrudeJF FabricsNewfoundland(902) 233-5908
Jeannette GrudeJF FabricsNova Scotia(902) 233-5908
Eric HenschelFH GroupOntario(416) 900-3309
Tom FreemanFH GroupOntario(416) 900-3309
Jeannette GrudeJF FabricsPEI(902) 233-5908
Patricia LongFH GroupQuebec(416) 900-3309

United States

Todd Baxter FullerJF FabricsAlabama(404) 839-1015
Deric HansenHansen & AssociatesAlaska(434) 249-3403
Char KochHD Furnishings, LLC.Arizona(303) 547-6944
Michelle JonesHD Furnishings, LLC.Arizona(303) 547-6944
Sherrie YarboroughSYNC & AssociatesBermuda(336) 254-1166
Sheryl MadonnaJF FabricsCalifornia (Los Angeles)(818) 337-9304
Veronica RuizJF FabricsCalifornia (Orange County)(714) 404-8208
Jennifer ToomeyJF FabricsCalifornia (San Diego)(619) 307-6251
Melissa VillaJF FabricsCalifornia (San Francisco)(888) 295-2080
Char KochHD Furnishings, LLC.Colorado(303) 547-6944
Michelle JonesHD Furnishings, LLC.Colorado(303) 547-6944
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignConnecticut(917) 445-7875
Joanna MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Delaware(703) 926-5864
Nick MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Delaware(703) 928-9261
Chris ColeChris Cole AgencyFlorida (North)(386) 795-2296
Lorey MitchellJF FabricsFlorida (South)(561) 818-8865
Todd Baxter FullerJF FabricsGeorgia(404) 839-1015
Deric HansenHansen & AssociatesHawaii(434) 249-3403
Deric HansenHansen & AssociatesIdaho(434) 249-3403
Patti ArendsJF FabricsIllinois(847) 826-8363
Patti ArendsJF FabricsIndiana (North)(847) 826-8363
Saeth GronbergJF FabricsIndiana (South)(231) 944-6551
Chrystie WagnerStash & Co. Iowa(612) 875-3308
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignMaine(917) 445-7875
Joanna MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Maryland(703) 926-5864
Nick MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Maryland(703) 928-9261
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignMassachusetts(917) 445-7875
Saeth GronbergJF FabricsMichigan(231) 944-6551
Chrystie WagnerStash & Co. Minnesota(612) 875-3308
Patti ArendsJF FabricsMissouri(847) 826-8363
Deric HansenHansen & AssociatesMontana(434) 249-3403
Chrystie WagnerStash & Co. Nebraska(612) 875-3308
Ken VaccaElan CollectionsNevada(702) 203-2478, (702) 255-8267
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignNew Hampshire(917) 445-7875
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignNew Jersey(917) 445-7875
Char KochHD Furnishings, LLC.New Mexico(303) 547-6944
Michelle JonesHD Furnishings, LLC.New Mexico(303) 547-6944
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignNew York(917) 445-7875
Sherrie YarboroughSYNC & AssociatesNorth Carolina(336) 254-1166
Chrystie WagnerStash & Co. North Dakota(612) 875-3308
Saeth GronbergJF FabricsOhio(231) 944-6551
G. Scott WaddellG. Scott Waddell CompanyOklahoma(214) 478-6418
Deric HansenHansen & AssociatesOregon(434) 249-3403
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignPennsylvania(917) 445-7875
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignRhode Island(917) 445-7875
Sherrie YarboroughSYNC & AssociatesSouth Carolina(336) 254-1166
Chrystie WagnerStash & Co. South Dakota(612) 875-3308
Todd Baxter FullerJF FabricsTennessee(404) 839-1015
G. Scott WaddellG. Scott Waddell CompanyTexas(214) 478-6418
Char KochHD Furnishings, LLC.Utah(303) 547-6944
Michelle JonesHD Furnishings, LLC.Utah(303) 547-6944
Lina QuinteroElements to DesignVermont(917) 445-7875
Joanna MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Virginia(703) 926-5864
Nick MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Virginia(703) 928-9261
Deric HansenHansen & AssociatesWashington(434) 249-3403
Joanna MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Washington DC(703) 926-5864
Nick MeletisMeletis Contract Services, Inc.Washington DC(703) 928-9261
Patti ArendsJF FabricsWisconsin(847) 826-8363